Developer notes

If you love working with Dawn, you'll love Whisk.

The theme is built structurally like Shopify's Dawn theme. There are no external dependencies. Everything is also broken into components like Dawn, so it's easier to edit and adjust. but note that the CSS files are all loaded on theme.liquid. JavaScript is written with web components very similar (but not identical) to those in Dawn. CSS is custom and includes modern properties like grid and aspect-ratio. It's written using BEM syntax with utility classes sprinkled in for less complex components to help make the BEM CSS classes more reusable. We include comments in areas of the codebase that we think are trickier to immediately understand.

Whisk was made with developers in mind. We hope we've made a codebase that you can understand quickly, navigate easily, and enjoy to build off of. We'd love to hear what you think, so please reach out with any questions, feedback, and suggestions.

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