Age verifier

The age verifier is an optional feature where you can enable a full page pop up blocker that requires visitors to confirm their age before entering the site. It will display to every visitor the first time they visit a page in your store. Once a visitor has confirmed they are of age by clicking on the "Yes" button, the age verifier pop up will disappear and they will be able to visit your online store and shop. They will not see that popup again on your store whenever they visit it with the same browser, on the same computer/tablet/phone. 


Show age verifier
Check this box to enable the age verifier feature on your store

Minimum age
Enter the minimum age as a numeral. This number will display in the main text heading that asks the visitor to verify their age. Example: "Are you at least 21?" The text here is not editable in the Shopify admin, and is only editable in code. 


Optional copy to go below the heading.

"Yes" button text
Customize the copy within the "Yes" confirmation button

The following are configurations for the optional "No" button. If either of the two fields are left blank, this button will not display. 

"No" button text
Customize the copy within the "No" confirmation button.

"No" button redirect url
A webpage to take the visitor to if they click on the "No" button, which confirms that they are not of age to enter your site. This webpage needs to be a page outside of your store, as this visitor will still see the age verifier if they try to visit any other page on your Shopify store. Nothing gets saved to the browser if a visit clicks this button.

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