Product recommendations on articles

You can recommend products in individual blog posts/articles, and a visitor can either click into the product to go visit the product page, or if you have quick add enabled for products on the theme level, visitors can instantly add these products to their cart without even leaving the article! Here is how to set that up. This feature is available on both the default article template and the "recipe" article template.

Step 1: Add a Reference products metafield to blog posts

In the left hand column of Shopify Admin, click on the "Settings" tab towards the bottom. The settings window will open and in its left sidebar, click into Metafields. You'll see a list of Fields for different page templates. Select "Blog posts".

The metafield you create needs to be named and setup exactly as described and named below in order to work correctly. Click into the "Add definition" button to start.

Name Namespace and key Content type  

Referenced products

references.products Product (List of products)  

After you've filled everything out to create this metafield, click "Save".

Step 2: Add products to each blog post

Visit the Blog post in the Shopify Admin that you want to add products to. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll see a section titled "Metafields". Click on "Show all" and find the "Referenced products" metafield that you just created. Click into the empty field, and you will be able to add products by browsing your current product list. Remember to click save after you have added all of the products you'd like.

Step 3: Add reference products block to a blog post template

Navigate to the theme customizer from the main Shopify Admin left sidebar under Online Store/Themes. Click the green "Customize" button on the theme that you want to edit.

Once in the theme editor, navigate to the "Blog Posts" from the top center dropdown menu and select whichever template you want to add the Referenced products to. In this example, we are going to assume you are adding it to the default blog post template. Make sure the blog post that displays in the editor is one that you have added Reference products to already, otherwise nothing will display. In the left sidebar, under the first section "Article", click on "Add block" and select the "Reference products" block. From there, you can customize the style of the block.

For more information on metafields, see Shopify help documentation on metafields.

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