Settings for the cart are configured in Theme Settings, not the Cart page in case you choose to use a Cart Drawer instead.

Cart type


Clicking on the cart icon in the site header will take a visitor to the cart page. 

When a visitor adds a product to the cart, a notification will appear at the top of the page.


Clicking on the cart icon in the site header or adding a product to the cart from any page will open a cart drawer on the right side of the screen. 

The following settings apply to both the cart page or cart drawer.

Cart icon

You can represent your cart in three different ways: as a "cart", a "bag", or a "basket". The language that references the cart will change throughout the site as well as the icon in the site header based on what you choose here. For example, If you chose "bag" here, the quick add button on product cards will say "Add to bag" instead of the default "Add to cart". Note the URL for the cart page will never change, and will remain "".

Show vendor

Check this box to show the vendor for every product in the cart.

Show shipping rate and tax note

Check this box to show a note underneath the checkout buttons that indicates shipping and taxes aren't calculated in the cart total, but will be calculated during checkout.

Show dynamic checkout buttons

Check this box to show any dynamic checkout options that you have configured for Payments. If you decide not to show them here, know that they will still be available options during checkout.

Cart note

Check this box to show an order note field on the cart page or drawer.

Cart drawer recommendations

(Whisk 6.1.0 and above)

Add a collection that will become a product slider with recommendations for add ons in the cart drawer. When there is no collection selected, the slider and the heading will not display.

Custom heading

By default, the heading will read "Recommended products" in the store's chosen language, but you can override that with any text you add here.

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