Here you'll be able to choose some settings that will affect areas throughout the site.

Fade in images

When this checkbox is selected, most images on the site will fade in and out as they scroll into view on screen. There are a few exceptions, most notably for images that are at the top of the page, like the collection image on a collection page, or the article featured image on an article page. This is for better SEO, page speed performance, and user experience. We want visitors to see imagery when they land on a page as soon as possible. 

Theme style

Sharp edges — Image shapes, inputs, and buttons will have pointed, sharp edges.

Soft edges — Buttons will have a pill shape with rounded edges, and images and some image shapes will have rounded edges instead of pointy (hexagon, triangle, diamond).

Icon style

Filled — Icons are solid inside.

Outlined — Icons are stroked and hollow inside.

Preferred date format

Either "Month Day, Year" or "Day Month Year". This is how dates will display on the blog and in accounts.

Custom CSS

We recommend using the "Custom CSS" section at the bottom of theme settings which is one provided by Shopify over this one that we have built, but sometimes the one from Shopify has a code check which can very particular about what you can or can't add. If you have problems with the Shopify Custom CSS section, you can try this one. They will both add CSS to every page on the theme.

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