Featured collection

With a featured collection, you can add a section to any template to feature products from a chosen collection.


First section

When this section is the first one at the top of the page, make sure this box is checked. It helps with SEO and page performance in the following technical ways:

  • It will load the image as loading="eager" instead of loading="lazy"
  • It will remove the fade in image animation if it is active in Style/Theme settings so that the image loads onto the page


Select the collection of products you want to feature.


The section heading.

Heading size

Select the size of the text for the heading.


The text for the section.

Text size

Select the size of the text.

Products per row

Choose to show 2, 3, or 4 products per row.

Limit number of products shown

Check this box to control the number of products to show from the collection. It will show them in the order they are in Shopify Admin. Recommend using this setting most of the time, because it can slow down your site significantly to load a collection will a lot of products all at once.

Number of products to show

Choose how many products you want to show if the above checkbox is checked.

Enable "View all"

Check this box to show a button that links to the main collection page for the featured collection. This will only show if there are more products to see in the collection than are shown in this section.

Show within a slider on desktop or mobile

You can choose to show the products in a slider on either desktop or mobile, or on both. If it's not in a slider, it will be in a grid. Here's a video example of how this looks and works.

Product card options

Show vendor

Check this box to display the product vendor for each product

Show product subtitle

Check this box to display the product subtitle for each product. For more information, see the documentation for Product subtitle.

Section spacing

(Whisk 5.0.0 and above)

Adjust top and bottom padding within the section.

Add space above or below

(Whisk 4.3.1 and below)

Depending on the sections that are above or below this section, you may want to add some extra space for a more pleasing layout.

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