The multicolumn section looks deceptively simple, but through different blocks and settings you can configure this section in a lot of ways.



The text for the heading.

Heading size

The size of the text for the heading.


Add a sentence or two of copy to introduce the section. This will sit below the heading.

Text size

Choose a size for the text.

Color scheme

Choose from one of the theme's color schemes.

Column settings

Number of columns on desktop

Choose a number between 1 - 6. The layout will adjust to less columns as the screen size decreases. 

Number of columns on mobile

The columns can collapse to 1 or 2 columns on mobile.

Column title size

The size of the heading on all blocks.

Column text size

The size of the text on all blocks.


See the documentation for Border shapes and Color underneath sections for details on how to style these.

Section spacing

(Whisk 5.0.0 and above)

Adjust top and bottom padding within the section.

Add space above or below

(Whisk 4.3.1 and below)

Depending on the sections that are above or below this section, you may want to add some extra space for a more pleasing layout.




If you want, you can upload an image to display at the top of the column.

Image max width

Choose the maximum width in pixels to display the image in this block. The image will automatically scale down as it needs to when the screen size changes.

Image shape

Choose from several image shapes, including different rectangular shapes. The image will automatically crop itself to fit this shape.


The copy for the heading in this block.


The copy for the text in this block.

Align text center

Check this box if you'd like to center align the text and image in this block.

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