Make section full width

Check this box to make the video fill the full width of the screen.


The text for the heading above the video.

Heading size

Select the size of the text for the heading.


This text will show just below the heading.

Text size

Select the size of the text.

Cover image

Select an image that will show on the page before the visitor clicks the play button to watch the video. If there is no cover image, the video thumbnail image will show instead.

Enable video looping

Available in Whisk versions 4.1.0 and greater

Loop video so that it restarts playing as soon as it finishes.

Shopify-hosted video

Available in Whisk versions 4.1.0 and greater


Upload a video to Shopify here to show in this section. These videos can be of any aspect ratio and they will display in their native aspect ratio.

Embed video from URL

Video URL

The full URL of the video from either Vimeo or YouTube. If there is also a video uploaded through Shopify-hosted video, that video will take precedence and display instead of any video here.

Video aspect ratio

The aspect ratio for the YouTube or Vimeo video

Video alt text

Describe the video to make it accessible for customers using screen readers.

Section spacing

(Whisk 5.0.0 and above)

Adjust top and bottom padding within the section.

Add space above or below

(Whisk 4.3.1 and below)

Depending on the sections that are above or below this section, you may want to add some extra space for a more pleasing layout.

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