Details tab

You can find specifics about how details tabs can be configured in Main product. Here we'll describe the settings for an individual detail tab.

Note: a details tab must have content in the form of text, image, or a page in order to display. When you create a new one in the theme editor, you might not see it until you add one of these content fields.


You can choose to show an icon next to the tab title from the list in this dropdown. If you don't want to display any icon, select "None" from the top of the list.


The title of the tab

Show product description inside tab

(Whisk 3.0.0 and greater)

Check this box to show the product description inside of the tab.

Tab content

Place any text here that you want to display in the tab. Any free text entered in here will display in all products the same. If you want different text to display for different products, use a product metafield.  You can connect to the metafields dynamically in this field in the theme editor. You can see an example of this in the Frulla demo store for the "Ingredients" tab.

Page content

You can display the inner content of any page here. For example, if you have a page where you describe how you recycle containers, you can connect to that content here.


Select an image to show in the tab. This is again a great place to utilize product metafields to have a different image for each product. In the Frulla demo store, you'll see an example where there is a Nutrition Facts image that changes for different products.

Image max width

Choose the maximum width in pixels to display the image in this tab. The image will automatically scale down as it needs to when the screen size changes.

Show image above text

If you have text content and an image, the image will show below the text by default. Check this box if you want the image to display above the text.

Note: any product that doesn't have metafield content for that detail tab will not display for that product. In the Frulla demo store, you can see this in practice on Merch products like the apron, vs an olive oil which has "Ingredients", "Nutrition Facts", and "Recycling" detail tabs that have content connected to metafields.

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