Support Policy

Coquelicot is a third-party theme development agency that designed and built the theme "Whisk". We are not a part of Shopify itself. We are happy to answer any questions you have about Whisk even if you haven't purchased the theme yet so please feel free to reach out.

We are based in New York City and operate during regular business hours on weekdays in the Eastern Time Zone, excluding American holidays. We aim to respond within 24 hours to all submitted tickets.

What does our support include?

  • Advice about any feature included in Whisk.
  • Guidance on using the theme editor effectively, like how to set up a beautiful color scheme, create a stunning layout or configure one of the sections or templates.
  • Troubleshooting and bug fixes related to theme code. Note that we can only fix bugs on an unmodified install of Whisk, which is one that doesn't have any apps or custom code modifications.

What does our support not include?

  • Custom code modifications. We can’t make modifications outside of the features included in an unmodified install of Whisk. If you want custom code modifications, we recommend our partner agency dekstech. Fill out this service questionnaire to make an inquiry, and make sure you tell them that Coquelicot sent you. You could also consider using other popular services like HeyCarson, Task Husky, or Storetasker.
  • Bugs related to custom code modifications. If you find a bug caused by a custom code modification, then you should contact the developer who made the modifications.
  • Bugs related to third-party apps, including apps from the Shopify App Store. If you find a bug caused by a third-party app, or are having difficulty integrating the app into the theme, then you should contact support provided by the app creator.
  • Shopify features that are not a part of the theme code or are managed outside of the theme editor, such as editing products. If you need help with these features, then please contact Shopify support.
  • Migrating theme customizations, apps, or custom code when upgrading your theme to a new version. If you have any problems during an update to the latest version of our theme, watch this video for a tutorial and information on how to troubleshoot and copy over your customizations and content when they don't transfer automatically. If you do encounter a theme related bug in a new version of the theme, please do reach out to us for our assistance.

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