Mega Menu

Available in Whisk 5.0.0 and greater

Turn one or more of your main dropdown links into a mega menu. Mega menus can be added and styled as a block to the "Header" section. These settings will only apply the specific mega menu block that you are targeting in the "Menu item" option so you have the ability to make each mega menu unique. For more Mega menu styling options, see the documentation for the Site Header which includes settings that apply to all mega menus.

Menu item

Type in the name of the main menu item that you want to show a mega menu with. For example, in the above screenshot the menu item name would be "Shop".

Menu max width

Adjust the maximum width of the mega menu in pixels so that it looks best with the number of links and if you are using a promo or not. All of the menu content will automatically center on the page. Here's an example of a mega menu with a smaller width.

Menu column width

Adjust the width of each column of links by percentage.

Text alignment

Choose left or centered for the list of links


Promo width

Adjust the width of the promo by percentage.


Place the promo on the left or right side of the menu

Image shape

Choose an image shape for your promo image


Upload an image for the promo. The promo will only display if it has an image uploaded. The image will automatically crop to fit the image shape you choose.


Add a link to your promo. The image and all of the text will link out to this page. (optional)


Add heading text to show underneath the image. The font style here will be the same as the Mega Menu top level links style that you select in Header settings. (optional)


Add some text underneath the heading or image. If there is a promo link, an arrow indicating that this is a link will automatically display next to the text. (optional)

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