Text marquee


The copy that you want to display in the announcement bar. Keep it short and sweet.


This is optional. An example use case: you are announcing a new product for sale, you could add the link to that product here.

Font color

Color of the text. Make sure you choose a color that has a good contrast against the background so it remains legible.

Font style

Choose from the heading or the body font. 

Text size

Choose from the heading or the body font. 

Make font bold

Emphasize the text more by making it bold.

Color scheme

Choose a color scheme for the section.

Scroll speed

Adjust this slider to find the best scrolling speed for your text. The speed differs based on how long the text is.

Space between marquee items

Adjust this slider to increase or decrease spacing between each marquee item

Section spacing

Adjust the top and bottom padding within the section.

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