General FAQ

This documentation focuses on features that unique and specific to the Whisk theme. Any instructions that are missing from here are likely standard Shopify theme features and their documentation can be found at the Shopify Help Center for themes. We are continuously working to improve and add to this documentation so please send us a note if you have any questions you are stuck with. Your feedback is also greatly appreciated!

For a history of release updates, visit the Whisk changelog.

Below are the answers to some common general questions about the theme.

Is Whisk Shopify 2.0 compatible?

Whisk was built from the ground up specifically for Shopify 2.0 stores and is fully compatible with Shopify 2.0 features. For more details on what Shopify 2.0 themes offer, see Shopify's article about theme architecture.

Can you make edits or add a feature to the theme?

Your purchase of the theme through Shopify provides you support with questions, bug fixes ,and access to the latest updates to the theme for life. It doesn't cover making custom code changes or edits but please reach out and let us know what you are looking for. Sometimes the changes you are looking for are easy enough that we can help you anyway quickly. For larger changes, we recommend HeyCarson who specialize in Shopify.

How do I remove the "Powered by Shopify" link in the footer?

Before making this update, be aware that making any code edits to the theme will disable the auto updates from Shopify to new versions of the theme as they are released. We recommend that you duplicate a copy of the unaltered theme first to leave in your theme drafts which will make it easier to upgrade to new versions in the future.

You can remove the "Powered by Shopify" link from your footer by editing your theme code. In the Sections folder, open footer.liquid and delete the following lines, starting at around line 304.

<small> {{ 'general.powered_by_shopify' | t | link_to:'', class:'link--no-underline', target:'_blank', rel:'nofollow' }} </small> 

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