Image grid with text

The image grid with text section is a unique design to the Whisk theme. Here's how you can customize it for your store.


First section

When this section is the first one at the top of the page, make sure this box is checked. It helps with SEO and page performance in the following technical ways:

  • It will load the image as loading="eager" instead of loading="lazy"
  • It will remove the fade in image animation if it is active in Style/Theme settings so that the image loads onto the page
Add space above or below

Depending on the sections that are above or below this section, you may want to add some extra space for a more pleasing layout.

Color scheme

Choose from one of the theme's color schemes.

Mobile text alignment

Choose whether you prefer the text to be left or center aligned on mobile. For longer text lengths, we recommend left aligned for better readability.

Text animation

See the documentation for text animations for more details.

Image shape

You can select the shape for the images in the grid. They can either be "diamond" or "hexagon". Here's an example of how that looks on "sharp" and "soft" Theme setting styles.

Sharp diamond

Sharp hexagon

Soft diamond

Soft hexagon

The following settings allow you to customize each of the 4 grid blocks. You can upload an image, make the image a link (optional), and change the background color to one of the themes color schemes. You can even choose to leave one of the blocks without an image and a color instead. Here's an example of how that could look:

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