Blog page

The blog page shows a list of all articles/blog posts within a particular blog. It will show up to 12 articles at a time on a page, and it will add pagination as it needs to. The articles are listed in order from most recent to oldest. Here is an example of how it looks:


Show tags

Check this box to show article tags as a navigation list just below the blog title, and above the list of articles.

Article card settings

Show image

Show article featured image on card

Show date published

Show the article published date on the card. You can change the format that this date displays in on Theme settings/Styles/Preferred date format.

Show author

Show article author on card

Show teaser text

Show a few lines of text for the article. The teaser text is either the first 20 words of the article excerpt, or the first 20 words of the article content if there is no excerpt.

Text box shape

The box can be a rectangle, or have an arch shape on one side.

Spotlight article

Spotlight first article

Check this box to show the most recent article for this blog featured at the top of the page with a large image. If there's no image, then the background placeholder gradient or color will show instead. If you uncheck this box, then all the articles are presented the same in a grid like this:

Spotlight article color scheme

If the above checkbox is checked and the first article is shown as featured, you can choose from one of the theme's color schemes for its text box.

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