Promo popup

The promo pop up is an optional section where you can advertise a store promotion, or add a newsletter sign up form. It will animate in from the bottom right of the user's web browser.


Enable pop up
Uncheck this box if you do not want to display the promo pop up at all on your store.

Campaign name
The pop up needs a name to know whether or not a site visitor has already seen the pop up. Here's how it works.

Once a user has closed the pop up by clicking on the close "x" button, they will not see it show up again while visiting your site on the same browser. That browser will store the campaign name that you have chosen in its memory (technical term: local storage) and know that the user has already seen it, and doesn't need to see it again. When you change the content of the pop up with a new promotion, you need to give it a new name so that the new content will show to users that have already seen and closed the pop up with the previous content.

Show on homepage only
Only have the pop up display on the homepage, and not on any other pages on the website.

Don't show to logged in customers
If the pop up has content that isn't relevant to users that already have accounts, like for example, a newsletter sign up form or a promotional discount only offered to new customers, you can check this box so that the pop up doesn't display to users with accounts.

Seconds until pop up displays
After the web page loads, the pop up will show after this amount of time.

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