Products theme settings

Product image ratio

Product images will always be cropped to this image ratio wherever they are displayed (e.g. cart, product cards, product page).

Square (1:1)

Portrait (3:4)

Add rounded corners to product images

(Available in Whisk 2.0.0 and greater)

When this box is checked, rounded corners will be added to product images wherever they are displayed.

Variant picker

(available in Whisk version 4.0.0 and greater)

Variant options for buttons

Here, you can enter the "Option name" for each option in your store that you want to display as buttons instead of the default option of a dropdown. "Size" is already enabled by default, but you can remove it, and add multiple options if you'd like. Each option needs to be separated by a comma.

Note: If you are using the Shopify Bundles app, you will need to also add the full name of the Option in the bundle here for it to convert to a button or a swatch on the bundle product. This name is usually the product name with the original option name in parenthesis, for example, "Olive Oil (Size)".

Variant options for swatches

To learn how to create swatches and configure the settings for swatches in this settings section, visit our Swatches documentation.

Spacing between product blocks

(Whisk 6.1.0 and above)

Adjust this number to create more or less space between product blocks in all sections that apply. Those sections are Featured product, Main product, and Main two column product sections.

Product cards

As of Whisk 6.3.0, product card settings moved under their own "Product cards" header and their documentation can be found at our Product Cards documentation.

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