Two column product template

(Whisk 6.1.0 and above)

This is an alternate product template from the default product template that is available as of Whisk version 6.1.0. Go here to see the documentation for the default product template.

*Important when updating to Whisk 8.0.0 from version 7.0.1 or earlier

There is a breaking change on both product templates that should be addressed before the theme update is pushed live. For this two column product template, make sure to add in a new block called "Variant selector". The variants on a product used to be coupled in with the "Product form" block, but we have split them out to allow for more flexible layouts. For detailed instructions and information, watch this video:


Variant selector

This block will display the variant selectors for the product. All options for how this displays are set in Theme Settings/Products and you can find the documentation for that here.

Product form

Displays the "Add to cart" button and quantity selector for the product. 

Show dynamic checkout buttons

Check this box to show any dynamic checkout options that you have configured for Payments. If you decide not to show them here, know that they will still be available options during checkout.

Product title

Text size

Select the size of the text for the title.


This is the product description that is entered for each product in the Shopify admin. There are no customizable settings for this block.

Text size

Select the size of the text for the title.


You can choose which social media share buttons you want to show by checking the box next to that platform option. The options are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter or X (you can choose which icon to display)
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

There is also a button to copy the page url link to the computer's clipboard. This button will always display if this block is selected.


Displays the product price. This price will automatically update when different variants with different prices are selected, and will show an original price crossed out next to the current selling price if the product is on sale. If your store in configured to have taxes included in the price of items, then a note will display here that reads, "Tax included." If you have a Shipping policy filled out for your store in the Shopify admin, a message will also show underneath the price that says "Shipping calculated at checkout" and  it will be a link to your full Shipping policy. Example:

Show shop pay installment terms

You can choose to show Shop pay installment terms underneath the price if Shop pay is enabled for your store and by checking this box.


No customizable settings here. It will just display the product vendor name.

Product subtitle

Displays the product subtitle for the product. For more information, see the documentation for Product subtitle.

Text size

Select the size of the text for the title.

Custom liquid

Add your own Liquid or HTML code here. See the Custom liquid documentation for more details.


This block adds a visual divider line with space above and below it. This is useful if you want help differentiating many blocks of content. Make sure your divider line looks good on all screen sizes as the layout shifts from 3, to 2, to 1 column.

Divider size

Choose between a thin or a thick line.

Details tab

Details tabs are the place to add custom content for your products, like ingredients, nutrition facts, sizing information, etc. They support images, text, and even page content. They can do so much, they deserved their own documentation. Learn more about how to configure Details tabs

Details tabs will always show after every other block in this section, even if they are organized in the Shopify theme editor to be above them. This is intentional in order to keep the product form and shopping buttons higher up on the page on smaller screens when the layout is 1 or 2 columns. The detail tabs themselves will display in the order they are in the theme editor. 


You can add apps through this block. On the Whisk demo stores, we use this to show the star ratings for Shopify's Product Reviews app.

Inventory Status

Show the inventory status of a product or selected product variant when inventory is being managed through the Shopify admin.

Font style

Choose the font that you want the product title to display in.

Text size

Select the size of the text for the title.

Make text bold

Check this box to make the text bold.

Show inventory status

Choose one of the options for when to show the inventory status:

"Always" — Status will show when a product is In stock, low inventory, or sold out.

"When stock is low or sold out" — Status will show when a product is low inventory, or sold out, not when it is in stock.

"Only when stock is low" — Only show status when a product has low inventory, not when it's in stock or sold out.

Low inventory threshold

Any inventory amount below this chosen number will qualify as "low inventory".

Show inventory count

Show the number amount left of inventory in the status notice. When unchecked, the notice will just simple say "In stock", etc.

In stock, low inventory, and out of stock colors

Choose a color for the notice to display in so it stands out in the layout. Make sure you choose a color that has enough contrast to be legible on top of your store's background color.

Single line text

Use this block for line item properties you want to display for a product.


Choose an icon to prepend to the line of text. Optional.


The text that you want to display. You can also connect this dynamically to a product metafield.

Font style

Choose the font that you want the product title to display in.

Text size

Select the size of the text for the title.

Multi line text

Add rich text like paragraphs of content, links, and lists.


The text that you want to display. You can also connect this dynamically to a product metafield.

Text size

Select the size of the text for the title.


Display the product or selected product variant's SKU and/or Barcode when it's available.

Font style

Choose the font that you want the product title to display in.

Text size

Select the size of the text for the title.

Show SKU

Check this box to display the SKU. The SKU will automatically be prefixed with the text "SKU:"

Show Barcode

Check this box to display the Barcode.

Barcode descriptor

Add a descriptor for the barcode that will be prefixed to the barcode. This is optional.

Complementary products

See our detailed documentation for Complementary products.


Show breadcrumbs

Check this box to show breadcrumb links above the product information. The breadcrumbs will show the collection page that the visitor was on before they arrived on the product page if they came from a collection page. If not, they'll just see a link back to "Home".

Details tabs style

You can choose either to show the details tabs as Accordions or Buttons. Here's an example of each:

Accordions — Accordions are all collapsed by default.

Buttons — The first tab is open by default.

Details tabs placement

Choose whether you want the details tabs to display within the rest of the product section blocks, or below the whole hero section. All of the details blocks will always display together, no matter their order in the theme editor.

To control their placement when the option to display them "inside blocks" is selected, place the first details tab in the block order you want them to be shown, and they all will display after that first one.


If you have more than one image on the product, the images will display in a slideshow media gallery. You can give visitors two choices for how to navigate through the images on desktop and mobile.

Media position

Choose whether you'd like the media on the right or left side of the layout.

Media width

(Whisk 6.3.0 and greater)

Choose to make the media gallery skinnier, wider, or the same size as the content next to it. Media will default to being full width on mobile.

Gallery layout options

Thumbnails on top of gallery

Thumbnails below gallery




Enable video looping

Check this box if you want videos to loop over and over when they are played.

Enable sticky media on desktop

Check this box if you want the images to stay at the top of the section as the page scrolls through the other content in columns on the section. 

Shopping options

Show product quick add on page scroll

When this checkbox is selected, a header with the product name, dropdown options (if any), and button to add to cart will show once the visitor scrolls past this section.

Show pickup options if available

If you have Local Pickup enabled on your store, check this box to show those options here to entice visitors who want local pickup to purchase. This information will display underneath the product form with a link to see details.

Show recipient information form for gift cards

Available in Whisk versions 4.1.0 and greater

Check this box to add a form to the Gift Card product page that allows the customer the option to automatically send the gift card they purchase to a recipient besides themself.

Section spacing

(Whisk 5.0.0 and above)

Adjust top and bottom padding within the section.

Add space above or below

(Whisk 4.3.1 and below)

Depending on the sections that are above or below this section, you may want to add some extra space for a more pleasing layout.

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